It was a special charitable gig for 'The Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa', guaranteed to be a star studded event.

Entitled 'One Night Only', Giorgio Armani showed his Spring/Summer 2007 collection in London (instead of his native Milan), to an audience which combined the designers' friends from the worlds of: fashion, film, music and sport.

Guests (and contributors) during the evening included: Beyoncé, Leonardo Di Caprio, Alicia Keys, Clive Owen, Ashley Judd, Samuel L Jackson, Andrea Bocelli, James Franco, Andriy Shevchenko and many more. All of which culminated into the evening becoming one of fashions finest moments.

Back down to earth, and the week kicked off with gossip that English supermodel Kate Moss was to produce her very first fashion collection for high street retailer TOPSHOP — making the chain the envy of all and sundry in the fashion world.

Renown for her fashion sense, Kate's appeal has always been her ability to be effortlessly chic. Her adept talent at mixing, vintage, high street and designer labels seamlessly, has given her kudos which has seen clothing worn by her sell out. With confirmation that the gossip was actually true, TOPSHOP released a statement saying that the Kate Moss collection is schedule for launch in S/S '07.

What a week!

Emporio Armani's S/S '07 Collection
© Emporio Armani ‘One Night Only’
Andriy Shevchenko and Wife  Kirsten Pazik
Supermodel Jacquetta Wheeler
Frank Lampard and fianceé Elen Rives
Andriy Shevchenko and Wife
Kirsten Pazik
© Emporio Armani ‘One Night Only’
  Supermodel Jacquetta Wheeler

© Emporio Armani ‘One Night Only’
  Frank Lampard and fiancée Elen Rives

© Emporio Armani ‘One Night Only’
Ben de Lisi's S/S '07  

Designer: Ben de Lisi
Ben de Lisi kicked started his spring/summer 2007 collection with striking patterns (embellished with black baubles) that seemed to capture the essence of summer.

Used on kaftans, tops, slip dresses, halter neck dresses and swimming costumes, the first wave of the collection (featuring the intricate pattern design) was interspersed with contrasting white cropped trousers teamed with matching blouses and black shorts (worn with black sheer tops) outfits, to reinforce the unique nature of the patterns; whilst counter balancing with simple, yet stylish alternatives.

What can best be described as TV, test-card stripes made their way onto shirt dresses, skirts, shorts and blouses to give a refreshing look that flowed breezily down the catwalk.

Ben's boldness and quest for summer colour continued well into the collection with gorgeous long dresses in variant colours of green, red, candy floss pink and white, breaking up his summer separates that offered a choice of dainty skirts worn with sleeveless tops.

As if to reassure those who are still adverse to wearing colour, Ben proffered an assortment of monochrome pieces with one standout grey, cropped trouser suit. All -in-all, gorgeous.

Prominent Colours:
Black, White, Grey, Lime Green, Mint Green, Yellow, Red, Pink,

: Chiffon, Jersey | Effervescent patterns, TV Test Card stripes

uyer Contact: Debbie Lovejoy | Tel: +44 (0)20 7730 2994

E-mail: Debbie Lovejoy

Shop: 40 Elizabeth Street London SW1W 9NZ

Visit: Ben de Lisi

Betty Jackson's S/S '07  

Designer: Betty Jackson
There was something rebellious about Betty Jackson's S/S '07 collection.

It was as though, the collection was holding on to some of the colour palette from A/W '06 and its shapes but, instead of using the perennial heavy fabrics, lighter versions were used. The floaty shapes and dizzy colours (usually associated with summer) were replaced by a type of nonchalance that could cope with city life. The clothes were, indeed, made for work, rest and play. Or, in other words, Betty's comfortable functional clothing, could transcend from day to night, if you lived in the big bad city.

Chiffon strapless dresses (in smudged bluey and green patterns) were worn over black loose trousers. Biege pants paired with military green twinsets and berry long jackets (worn over skirts) had an androgynous temperament that could survive working in a man's world.

In short, Betty Jackson's S/S '07 collection packed attitude.

Prominent Colours: Black, Grey, Berry, Mustard, Red, White, Khaki, Yellow, Green

Fabrics/Patterns: Wool, Chiffon, Taffeta, Lace | Oversized Blooms

Buyer Contact: Sophie Cooper | Tel: +44 (0)20 7602 6023

E-mail: Sophie Cooper

Shop: Betty Jackson 311 Brompton Road London SW3

Visit: Betty Jackson


Gharani Strok's S/S '07  

Designer: Gharani Strok
Elen Rives' manicured nails couldn't stop pointing out pieces she liked from the Gharani and Strok's S/S '07 fashion show. If, her enthusiasm was anything to go by, most of their collection will be finding its way into her wardrobe in time for the new season. And it's not surprising. The clothes are "so" appealing.

With the launch of their very first accessories collection (featuring four different style handbags called: Ms Bullet, The Pug, Tiki Tote and Tiki Bag) 2006 looks likely to be a good year for the design duo.

The collection continues on Gharani and Strok's own brand of glamour that seems to effortlessly impart an edginess that makes them a favourite with modern day women.

T-shirt shape tunic dresses, cute little shorts and knee-length evening dresses (with just the right amount of sequins to make them dazzle) were some of the gems served.


Prominent Colours:
Black, White, Indigo, Emerald Green, Yellow,

Fabrics/Patterns: Jersey, Silk, Cotton | Blue and Red Reflection Squares, Brown Grey, Vertical Stripes

Buyer Contact: Fiona Ennis | Tel: +44 (0)20 8749 5909

E-mail: Fiona Ennis

Gharani Strok





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