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VIVAFASHION.CO.UK mission is to provide users with information that is geared toward accommodating individual needs, whilst at the same time protecting the users privacy. Detailed below is a summary of the various ways we treat the information given to us by you, whilst surfing through VIVAFASHION.CO.UK.

VIVAFASHION.CO.UK may, from time to time, request optional information (such as: your age or gender); information we feel, that is beneficial in establishing the type of audience the content of this website should be aimed at.

Other information, for example, e-mail addresses, real world addresses, telephone numbers, (etc.), will only be collected with your consent and knowledge in areas of the site where, our services need specific information in order to function effectively. (It should be noted that this information is supplied entirely on your own volition.) These services include: subscriptions, books, clothing purchases, syndication services and other services that we choose to incorporate on the website at any given time. If you do not what to share personal information, please discontinue using this website.

It is recommended that, like with all other websites that operate on the Internet, due care must be taken on your part. VIVAFASHION.CO.UK cannot be held responsible for any events or incidents that occur in public discussions areas or any other social interaction areas/services made available on this website.

Please use your discretion in these areas and ensure that if children use this website, they shouldn't reveal any information that may result in them receiving unsolicited messages from other parties.

What is a Cookie?
Cookies are small software files that are stored on your computer which records information like: preferences and page choices, analytical statistics about website traffic and other information for marketing/advertising purposes.

Advertisers use them to measure the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns and to provide anonymous transaction data, which is sent back to the originating website, on each subsequent visit.

How to delete or disable cookies
All website browsers provide you with the ability to control how you interact with the world wide web and the information that can be stored on your computer. These tools are usually found in the preference folder of your browser where: security, privacy and advanced settings tabs, can be customised for your own purpose(s).

For information on how cookies are used, visit:

If you do not wish for cookies to be stored on your computer, activate the appropriate setting, to discontinue their installation.

VIVAFASHION.CO.UK uses advertising and affiliate marketing companies to provide you with access to reputable brands and services that may be of interest to you. These advertisers and marketing companies use cookies, web beacons and tags, to measure the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns and to provide anonymous transaction data.

At present, VIVAFASHION.CO.UK uses TradeDoubler to deliver affiliate programs that accompany the websites' content.

TradeDoubler is a reputable company, that forms part of the Internet Advertising Bureau's Affiliate Marketing Council (IAB AMC) which, is involved in an initiative in finding suitable measures for third party cookies.

If you would like to find out more information on cookies, please visit:

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