The Glam Show in association with Nicky Hambleton-Jones launch glamlive

Pictured above: Nicky Hambleton-Jones

  The Glam Show's High Street is just a click away
The Glam Show in association with Nicky Hambleton-Jones has come up with a practical way to help you prepare for your visit to The Glam Show (this October), so much so, it is set to revolutionize the way lifestyle shows are presented for women. has opened The Glam High Street, a unique graphical shopping centre page that allows website visitors the chance to link up with all the Glam Show exhibitors during the days leading up to the event. The latest, newest and coolest ideas and products in beauty, fashion, health and lifestyle will all be available from the website, as well as advice, competitions and news.

What's more the show will also see the launch of the Glam Membership Card. This unique loyalty card will give members great discounts and exclusive deals and product offerings from participating exhibitors and sponsors. All visitors to the show that pre-book their tickets will receive a complimentary Glam Membership Card to celebrate the show’s inauguration this year.

The loyalty card will allow members to receive discounts with participating exhibitors throughout the year and with local hotels, restaurants, spas and more during the weekend of the show. Exhibitors don’t pay anything to join they simply need to offer special deals on their products or services to Glam Membership Card holders.

Here's your chance to win and meet Nicky Hambleton-Jones and receive a full fashion revamp from Nicky’s NHJ Style Consultancy expert personal stylists.

The competition kicks off 1st September 2009 and closes at midnight 19th October 2009. Winners will be announced live on the main fashion stage at the Glam Show at Earls Court on Sunday 1st November, 2009. Visit the Photo-Me booth at The Glam Show and have your photo taken for the GLAM WALL and pick up tips on how to take the perfect passport photo by Nicky Hambleton-Jones.

Tickets are on sale now.

Visit: Glam Live | Breast Cancer Campaign | Photo-Me | Diary News


New fashion retailer EPIQ, an unprecedented international collaboration between former suppliers to the now defunct Principles, is poised to challenge  high street retailers.

Photo: Business Wire

  EQip Clicks Replace principles Bricks to offer New Online Shopping Site
With so many retailers, like Marks & Spencer and Selfridges, celebrating a hundred years or more anniversaries, others haven't faired so well.

It was a sad day when it was announced Principles was to close their stores. As a result, a consortium of Asian and international clothing suppliers (caught up in the closure), have forged an alliance to develop a new online shopping alternative to the high street chain called EPIQ Fashion.

Replacing retail bricks with shopping clicks, the suppliers — many left without payment in the fall-out of UK retail shop closures — have responded by launching an online shopping solution that hopes to tap into rapidly changing consumer buying habits.

Officially launched at, the online collaboration aims to fill the gaping hole in ‘grown up’ fashion left by the closure of clothing retailer Principles whilst satisfying consumer demand for high-quality clothing at pocket sensitive prices.

Appealing to smart women who have neither the time nor the inclination to slavishly follow fashion, EPIQ’s exclusively online launch collection features chic interpretations of high summer’s biggest trends characterised by exactly the same high quality fabric, finishing and fit that shoppers may recall from their much missed favourite clothing retailer.

“This is a case of clothing suppliers taking on and competing with the traditional high street retail trade on its own doorstep with an online challenge,” said a spokesperson for the new EQIP fashion label.

As well as taking the headache out of staying on top of current trends, online shopping at also dispenses with the superfluous frills seen on other fashion sites to offer a simplicity that will undoubtedly come as a breath of fresh air to EPIQ’s target audience.

Visit: Epiq Fashion
Free Green Market Logo
  The UK’s first eco social shopping network goes live
Free Green Market, the UK's first eco social shopping network that makes it easier to search through hundreds of green and ethical products (from a range of retailers), has gone live.

The comprehensive website offers users a variety of functions including: compare prices, advice & information, vouchers, celebrity, expert and product reviews, competitions (in member areas), forums and blogs.

The first blogger to appear on the site will be Janey Lee Grace, author of Imperfectly Natural and guest presenter on the Radio 2 Steve Wright show. Janey will be offering handy tips on how to look after your own and your family’s health.

On the commercial side, the website has a dedicated retailers section where you can open your very own shop on the market and sell products and services directly free of charge. Companies, large and small, are free to run a shop; from the individual selling hand made gifts to the high street stores selling green and eco friendly products and services. The site is paid for through advertising and sponsorship; there are no click through or affiliate fees.

Free Green Market Founder, Simon Sear, said: “For me, being green isn’t about living an alternative lifestyle. According to research the majority of us want to be greener, but don’t always know how. The trouble with a lot of TV programmes is that they often promote an alternative lifestyle and don’t always address the needs of normal people. Unfortunately, we don’t all live on a small holding or have £15,000 spare to fund solar panels.

I set up Free Green Market with the intention of making it easy for the majority of people to make positive changes. Free Green Market gives people relevant information, easy access to trusted retailers, competitive pricing and advice and support from other people just like them.”

Visit: Free Green Market

Ettinger London Launches New E-Commerce Website good things come with age
2008/9 marks two significant milestones for luxury leather goods and accessories label Ettinger London.

The first, is the launch of the quintessential English luxury company's on-line shop and dynamic new website — — which is now live.

Possessing the same high standard of design, as found in products, the website conveys Ettinger's dedication toward quality and functionality, by enabling users to access items such as: wallets, coin purses and cash clips, key holders, bags & briefcases, outdoor & travel accessories, desk & home accessories and leather care products — from anywhere in the world; as well as learn more about the company.

The launch heralds another achievement to add to the company's growing list, which includes: the appointment of the Royal Warrant to HRH the Prince of Wales in 1996, winning the licence for leather goods at the Wimbledon Championships in 1992 and (shortly), reaching its 75th anniversary next year.

CEO Robert Ettinger said of this further development in the company’s history: "Seventy five years after my father founded the company, I am delighted to announce this latest development and hope it will play a major part in our continuing and future success. With such an extensive portfolio of products, the on-line shop will enable us to make them available to a much wider audience."

Visit: Ettinger London

Chloe Bag From New Website Bagnificent
Gucci Bag From New Website Bagnificent
  Bag-a-nificent Bargain
If you adore the stylish and durable qualities of a designer handbag, but hate the price tag usually charged, there is a solution to this fashion dilemma.

Glasgow housewife Gerry Campbell, 40, has become an unlikely hero for fashionistas through her online store, which sells designer handbags at a fraction of High Street prices.

Former accountant Campbell launched the business last year and has just added — a range of pre-owned designer bags to meet growing demand from customers.

Campbell said: “I love fashion, particularly shoes so my first thought was to sell those but then I realised I’d end up keeping all the stock for myself so it had to be handbags.”

Campbell began importing designer and fashion bags from Italy and selling them to friends and family. As the business grew, she decided to launch online.

“Our website at has been getting plenty of traffic and we are looking to further extend our range. I couldn’t be happier.”

Bagnificent’s “Loved” range went on sale last month alongside the existing range of imported designer handbags.

The range has quickly proven a hit with buyers looking for exclusive bags at affordable prices.

Delighted Campbell added: “I had always wondered what ladies did with their old handbags when they wanted a new one. Now there’s no need to throw away your old bag — we will sell them for you and give you 65% of the cash.

Visit: Bagnificent

eBay Launches New Online Marketplace for Ethically Sourced and Eco-Friendly ProductseBay Launches ethical and Eco-Friendly site
eBay has unveiled a new ecommerce marketplace called by eBay, which offers products that have a positive impact on people and the planet, empowering consumers to align their social values with their shopping.

“ by eBay gives shoppers who care about making a difference access to great products that help people and the planet,” said Lorrie Norrington, President of eBay Marketplaces. “Socially responsible shopping just got bigger and better.”

People Positive™ and Eco Positive™ items offered on span 15 categories such as home and garden, art, jewellery, clothing and even food items.

The marketplace features a vibrant online community that convenes people, products, ideas and organizations — all in one place. This facilitates an ongoing dialogue between consumers, producers, sellers and Trust Providers about ethical shopping through relevant blog posts, articles, discussion boards and Q&A forums.

Pictured above: view item page
Credit: Business Wire

Visit: World of Good

Mozi Website Launch

Sweep out dull and fusty kitchen style — For good
Fancy adding a bit of zing, to your kitchen? MOZI, an Australian design based homewares brand, is set to launch their UK website — — on the 8th of September 2008.

The launch of the website will enable UK and European residents, to access MOZI products which until now, was available in Liberty, House of Fraser, Graham & Green department stores, as well as specialist boutique stores.

Stocking the full range of MOZI products across the 'Botanical Australia', Casablanca' and 'Secret Garden' Collections; there will be more than 250 products on sale.

Fine bone china mugs, cotton aprons, tote bags, laundry bags, candles and iPod covers; are designed in Olivia and Camilla Tipler's (the creative sisters behind the brand), distinct style, that keenly shows off their adept talent for pattern and colour combinations.

The range will be boosted, from the 1st of October 2008, with the inclusion of a new Christmas product range called 'Bon Noël'.

Delivery will be through Royal Mail first and second class (recorded), and will cost between £3 & £6.50.

Visit Mozi Online

EquinEty showcases unique equestrian-theme jewelleryA galloping hit with male folk
Jackie Hunt, owner of equestrian jewellery store, didn't anticipate the reception her website would have on a select proportion of the male population, who dutifully support their spouses/partners love of horses. Jackie was stunned to find that during the site's launch campaign (targeted at the UK female market), it actually got more guys galloping to it instead.

“It’s really quite incredible that more than 80% of our online buyers of horse jewellery, this opening month, have been men”, says Jackie.

”It’s ironic that we spent thousands of pounds targeting women with our launch campaign only to find that it’s the men who are making tracks to our website and buying up horsey pendants, brooches and earrings”, she concluded.

And it is understandable why. EquinEty showcases unique equestrian-theme jewellery designed to express the strength, freedom and beauty of horses. Whether the wearer is passionate about riding, takes pleasure in a flutter at the Grand National, enjoys dressing up for Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, Aintree or Goodwood, or simply likes to lift their fortunes with a lucky horseshoe; the site's aim is to craft exceptional quality and affordable jewellery, that will appeal exclusively to horse enthusiasts.

Visit: EquinEty

Accurist new website will go live on Friday 5th SeptemberAccurist new website will go live on Friday 5th September

Accurist Makes a Timely Change
After 22 years of sponsoring the BT Speaking Clock, Accurist has called time on what was once described as the ‘greatest sponsorship deal of all time’, marking a significant point in the history of timekeeping.

Instead, Accurist is to unveil its new and contemporary version of the Speaking Clock. The British Real Time project is a new clock for a new generation — an online clock that will use the faces and voices of Britain recorded in cities and towns across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to tell the time to users of the British Real Time website. 

Andrew Loftus Managing Director of Accurist said: “We are inviting the great British public to come and be filmed to become part of Time itself. We are also seeking a permanent “offline home” for the British Real Time clock, which we hope to be on permanent display at a popular landmark or museum.”

Footage for the British Real Time clock will be captured during a tour of the Accurist Booth across Britain with the first public filming event taking place on 2nd September 2008, at the Lakeside Shopping Centre, Thurrock, Essex.

Further filming events, open to all members of the public, are scheduled to take place on:
St David’s Shopping Centre, Cardiff — Thursday 4th September 2008
Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield — Saturday 4th September 2008
Braehead Shopping Centre, Glasgow — Monday 8th September 2008

Over the years, the Speaking Clock has received some three billion calls, all being told the precise “time sponsored by Accurist”.

The site will go live on Friday 5th September.

Visit: Accurist | British Real Time

Shop Curious Vintage Clothing
  A Curiousity for Beautiful things . . .
If you adore collecting beautifully crafted timeless things, then is the perfect website destination for you.

Showcasing an eclectic mix of stylish and unusual gifts, like: vintage clothing and accessories, statement jade jewellery, elegant clutch bags (with oriental motifs), intricately adorned fans and Laura Berens’ silk cushions; the website is a treasure trove homage to exquisitely made things and one-offs.

Reflecting the design interests of creator-cum-collector Susan Muncey, effortlessly blends retro style and vintage accessories with unique, contemporary pieces.

Muncey says: 'I'd like to share my passion and curiosity for life, by finding beautiful and inspiring things for you to enjoy."

An invitation well worth exploring.


Visit the latest fashion marketplace - We Few
Visit the latest fashion marketplace - We Few
  Visit the latest fashion marketplace
A steadily growing community of international designers, are congregating on-line at We Few, the marketplace were unique products — from emerging and established designers within the fields of: homewares & furnishings, product design, fashion, and jewellery & accessories — can be purchased.

WeFew is the brainchild of American entrepreneur Autumn Gehring, currently residing in Singapore. “This idea was sparked off while living in London. I discovered so many talented, independent designers, working hard to promote their work, yet as a design lover, it was difficult to consistently find quality, innovative products. After moving to Singapore I realised that emerging designers and design lovers here experience similar challenges, so I knew I had to bring designers and design enthusiasts from around the world together in one place.”

Via the WeFew e-newsletter, blog and forum; design enthusiasts can interact with one another, thus keeping the finger on the pulse on what’s new in the international design community and get the scoop on emerging designers.

Visit: We Few



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