Aminaka Wilmont autumn/Winter 2009

Designer: aminaka wilmont
Designers Maki Aminaka and Marcus Wilmont took the sensible option by presenting an installation rather than a budget busting runway show.

Now into their third on-schedule season, the pair responded to the complexities of modern dressing, in their collection themed on Time.

Time, with all its infinity yet restrictive characteristics, is played out in a collection that captures and mimics the dimension, in its memories of the past, its feelings on the present and its aspirations for the future. It is upon this concept the duo have cultivated their creations, showing the limitless depth of their design prowess.

Clothing undulates between flattering feminine forms and hard edges built to cope with the challenging times. Intricate excella zips, with their expanding and tapering capabilities, feature heavily on trousers as a means of giving the wearer the silhouette changing versatility, or simply as an easy way of putting on boots.

Seems spiral around the leg like the formulaic equation of man's DNA, perfecting a shape that show's off the duo's own propensity for picking the best in natural design selection. Defying gravity toward the upper body, blouses and dresses show-off the duo's knack for producing the most visually challenging and colourful graphic digital prints — a depiction of the superimposed moments caught in time.

Concerned for the wearer's exposure to the elements, leather leg-warmers punctuate the collection as a means of protecting against heavy rain or snow.

Jackets continue to show-off the pair's craft for angular distinct cuts, culminating in the most beautifully conceived leather full length coat, complete with hood.

Prominent Colours: Black, White, Pale Blue, Slate Grey

Fabrics/Patterns: Georgette, Washed Leather, Silk Mesh, Zips | Graphical Prints

Buyer Contact: Ema Platisa at Eastern Block

UK Address
: 182 Mare Street London E8 3RE

UK Tel
: +44 (0)20 7435 2727 | UK Fax: +44 (0)20 7435 2726 | UK E-mail: sales

: Aminaka Wilmont | Eastern Block

Ashish A/W'09 London Fashion Week

Designer: ashish
You got to take your hat of to Ashish. Despite the economic downturn, the designer's pageant for glitz, managed to put the 'pizzazz' back into London Fashion Week.

Taking inspiration from John Galliano's circus show, Ashish reinvented it with his own brand of fun complete with live performances from the likes of acrobats and the delectable V V Brown — who gave the performance of her life. Instead of using animals as part of the show (often teased and prodded for audiences sick consumption), Ashish represented them in sequin prints in acid colours so bright, that they would wake up the dead. Giraffe prints (in yellow and black), zebra prints (in green and black), leopard prints (black and white) and tiger prints (in red and black); provided a cacophony of colour — clashed expertly by Ashish's know how. With each successive outfit, Ashish's boldness grew to the extent where animal prints could no longer suffice and his need for imagery took over. Prowling down the legs of trousers or the arms of jumpers, leopards and zebras staked out their new habitat.

Ashish, continued to clown around with the circus literally, by introducing a series of clown inspired rainbow stripe trousers in shimmering sequins, with pompoms down the sides. Heck, even Uncle Sam's stars and stripes trousers and jackets (in Ashish's beloved sequins) appeared along with destinations like: New York, Moscow and Dubai; as a symbolic road map charting all the places the circus had visited.

If we were having all the fun of the fair just sitting and watching the spectacle, then Ashish certainly looked like he had fun, producing this candy floss of a collection.

Prominent Colours: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Pink, Orange

Fabrics/Patterns: Sequins, Embellishments, Mirror effects, Chains, Denim

Buyer Contact: Nadine Saunders

Address: 29-35 Rathbone Street London W1T 1NJ

Tel: +44 (0)79 5832 5702 | Fax: +44 (0)20 8950 4558 | E-mail: Nadine Sanders

Visit: Ashish

Ashish A/W'09 London Fashion Week
Ashish A/W'09 London Fashion Week
Ashish A/W'09 London Fashion Week
Avsh Alom Gur A/W 09 Collection London Fashion Week

Designer: avsh alom gur
Avsh Alom Gur 'mashed up' so many different period references for his A/W '09 collection, albeit with the underlying theme being the credit crunch.

Little House on the Prairie
peasant skirts were magnified in blood-red floral bloom fabric, that resembled the patch work bed-spreads used to keep the children warm during harsh winter times. Silhouettes continued to bounce between the slim-lines of one shouldered jumpsuits (that could be interpreted as an analogy for these lean times), to the exaggerated diaphanous skirts teamed with sequin waistcoats (possibly a reference to better times to come).

The huge skirted ball gowns worn by the governess in the King and I, was the inspiration behind Gur's unusual choice of print pattern, used on a variety of skirts lengths as though to provide a brief summary on the history of women's hems over time.

Chunky body contouring knitwear worn over maxi skirts and multi-tier ruffle dresses, seemed to hark back to Victorian times when women truly did dress for Ascot Races.

Prominent Colours: Black Moss Green, Peach, Pink and Purple

Fabrics/Patterns: Chiffon, Satin, Silk, Silk Mesh and Wool | Large Floral Prints

Buyer Contact: Sandie Gur

158 Milligan Street Westferry Studios London E14 8AS

: +44 (0) 207 519 1100/+44 (0) 7732 693 123 | Fax: +44 (0)20 7519 1100 |

: sales | Visit: Avsh Alom Gur

Avsh Alom Gur A/W 09 Collection London Fashion Week
Avsh Alom Gur A/W 09 Collection London Fashion Week
Avsh Alom Gur A/W 09 Collection London Fashion Week



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