afshin feiz LFW AW 08

Designer: Afshin Feiz
There is an effervescent charm to Afshin Feiz's A/W 08 collection, that sees the injection of summer colours and the use of metallic fabric mixed in (sometimes), in the most unlikeliest of places. (See bottom left picture for reference).

Sure, the fabric is thicker and the dominance of black (the winter perennial favourite) is there however, the outlook of the collection is uplifted by the designers literal interpretation of the multi-coloured facets of a butterflies wings. The inspiration for this collection.

Opting to raise hem lines — on skirts and dresses to knee length — in all but three pieces, the designer has used ultra-feminine shapes like: cocoon shaped coats, dirndl skirts, heart shaped jacquards and silk blouses; to soften the overlook.

Prominent Colours: Black Brown, Coral Blue, Emerald Green, Raspberry Red, White, Yellow

Fabrics/Patterns: Jersey, Jacquard, Plaid, Reflective Metallics, Satin, Tulle, Wool,

Buyer Contact: Afshin Feiz

Showroom: 30 Rue Réaumur Paris 75003 France |

: +33(0)1 42 76 93 45 | Fax: +33(0)1 42 76 93 45 | E-mail: Afshin Feiz

Visit: Afshin Feiz

afshin feiz LFW AW 08
afshin feiz LFW AW 08
afshin feiz LFW AW 08
aganovich LFW A/W 08

Designer: aganovich
Aganovich's parade of winter clothing brought back memories of footage shot by journalists attending military shows (outside the Kremlin), in Russia.

Long (almost) maxi coats featuring nehru collars, brass fastening belts and (what seems to be the underlining trend for A/W '08), strong shoulder shapes; marched down the runway.

The same military-esque feel was added to simple zip-up tunics and coat dresses, shorn off at the middle of the arms to reveal some flesh, in a collection that took seriously, the importance of keeping warm in wintertime.

Simple in its deliverance and structure, the collection of safe shapes (that were devoid of fussy patterns), were frequently given a dash of red to enliven pieces.

Prominent Colours:
Black, Red , Biege, White, Cream

Fabrics/Patterns: Wool, Satin. Fur

Buyer Contact: Brooke Taylor | Tel: +44 (0)20 7790 4595 | Fax: 020 7791 1597

Address: 38 Turner Street London E1 2AS | E-mail: Brooke Taylor


aganovich LFW A/W 08
aganovich LFW A/W 08
aganovich LFW A/W 08
aminaka wilmont LFW A/W 08

Designer: aminaka wilmont
Aminaka Wilmont's space exploration with vector graphics, landed on the LFW catwalk with a centrifugal force, destined to push winter dressing into new frontiers.

Straight up-and-down silhouettes enhanced by Wilmont's brand of conceptual laser line patterns, conjoined sensuality with uniformity to yield an innovative androgynous style.

Clever use of sharp tailoring married to precision, were enhanced by features like leather collars (on dresses) and ruched leather breast plates (on coats), that updated these winter staples; created for the women that Wilmont envisages wearing her creations.

As though to reinforce the mathmatics and physics associated with voyaging in space, shoulders are contoured into strong horizontal shapes, classic shift dresses possess gills at the hips and arms (as though employed to breath new life into an old wardrobe staple), and skin hugging spacesuits (in the form of bodies) — complete with cape, pushed winter dressing boundaries.

Travelling through space, on earth, has never looked so chic.

Prominent Colours: Black, Red, Grey, White

Fabrics/Patterns: Pleated leather, Wool Soft Crepe de Chine, Jersey; Graphic Prints

Buyer Contact: Ema Platisa at Eastern Block

Tel: +44 (0)20 7435 2727 | Fax: +44 (0)20 7435 2726 | E-mail: Sales

Address: 29-35 Rathbone Street London W1T 1NJ

Visit: Aminaka Wilmont | Hall of Fame

aminaka wilmont LFW A/W 08
aminaka wilmont LFW A/W 08
aminaka wilmont LFW A/W 08
Ashish LFW A/W 08

Designer: ashish
Ashish sexes up the 50's in his A/W '08 collection, with his twisted take on domesticity, and how it would appear in today's society.

Classic dog-tooth check patterns, are invigorated with sequins to produce a stunning shift dress with cut-out shoulders, that shows-off the wearers bare flesh. Throughout the collection, Ashish suggestively offers glimpses of flesh twinned with sequins, that are on tunics with circular holes in, trousers (also with holes) and a net underskirt worn as outerwear. Sequins are also found on golfing jumpers, a 50's inspired coat and a party dress, embellished with childlike letters of the alphabet.

This fascination between everyday clothing and the life of a woman living in the 50's, continues further through his inclusion of: a patchwork skirt and jacket, hanging cherrys coat and a dirndl skirt. The last of which, is decorated with enough flowers to fill a herbaceous border. Even the humble sweatshirt is twisted in this vamped up 50's world, where support around the bust is shown on the outside.

Everything created is synonymous with dressing in the 50's, an era Ashish has devoured and served up through his own brand of nostalgia.

Prominent Colours: Black, Brown Grey, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

Fabrics/Patterns: Wool, Check, Dog Tooth, Plaid, Pringle, Sequins

Buyer Contact: Nadine Saunders

Tel: +44 (0)79 5832 5702 | Fax: +44 (0)20 8482 0225 | E-mail: Nadine Saunders

Address: 29-35 Rathbone Street London W1T 1NJ

Visit: Ashish

Ashish LFW A/W 08
Ashish LFW A/W 08
Ashish LFW A/W 08



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