Bella Mama natural skincare products for yummy mummies
  Beautiful Mamas Get The Full Treatment
Dedicated to keeping mummies yummy throughout their pregnancies (and beyond), on-line shop www.mumstheword.com have added yet another pampering range of exclusive products.

Bella Mama natural skincare products are designed to ease the challenges and celebrate the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood. The products are created with the highest quality natural ingredients, chosen for safety and effectiveness and blended with subtlety and care by a master herbalist, aromatherapist and natural skin care specialist. And, as a bonus, they're tested by the toughest critics — busy, particular, beautiful mums!

Pictured left: Bella Mama Full Term Gift Set |  Price: £39.95
This gift includes: Belly Butter — to moisturise stretching skin; Foot Salts — to soothe aching feet and ankles; Nursing Salve — to prepare nipples for breastfeeding and a Face and Body Spritzer — to keep skin cool.

Visit: Mums the Word | Tel: 0870 350 2900.

Lancaster_SunSlim_Picture   Step-by-Step summer skin programme
Be the envy of sunseekers on the beach with Lancaster's easy, 3 step programme that combats cellulite and conditions your skin as well.

The first step, kicks-starts the slimming action through the highly concentrated Celluli-Breaker Tan Stimulator. The stimulator, prevents fat from accumulating by smoothing and firming rebel zones and also protects the skin against sun exposure. Use one month before you holiday.

The next step, requires the use of Celluli-Burner Tan Booster SPF 8/15. The active ingredients (primarily, green coffee oil in the Booster) is designed to be released under UV exposure thus, continuing the slimming and shaping process whilst on holiday.

The last step responds to any sunburns (and other forms of sun discomfort) by soothing the skin through Celluli-Drainer Tan Prolonger's caper bud ingredients to leave your skin soft, hydrated and moisturised.

The Lancaster Sunslim Body Programme range is available exclusively from House of Fraser department stores.

Prices from: £18.50 | Stockist Tel: 0870 160 7270 | Visit: Lancaster Beauty

Elemis: for a renewed you
There's something about the skin around the eyes that always reveals your current health status, your lifestyle and lets face it, just how old you truly are.

Visibly trying to smooth out the appearance of fine lines, through make-up, can only disguise the problem so far before the make-up gravitates towards the wrinkles caking them up to emphasize the problem further. As for some under-eye creams, they are just too heavy for this delicate area.

Understanding this dilemma women have, Elemis has produced Pro Collagen Eye Renewal Cream. A formulated regenerative product that synergistically fuses four potent marine and volcanic algaes extracts together to visibly smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Price: £55.00 for 15ml

Stockist's: +44 (0)1278 727 830

: Elemis

  Roll back the years
All you mini-skirted, party-loving rock 'n' roll chicks of the 60's — who are now the new generation of 60 year olds — Lancôme has produced Platinéum Complete Restructuring Cream SPF 15, for the face, neck and decollété, just for you.

10 years in the making, the cream is infused with the ingredient Hydroxy (a) - Calcium™ which is said to play a key role in the functioning of a healthy epidermis. In addition, energising ginseng has been added to boost cellular exchanges and yeast to stimulate the production of dermal constituents which restores the skin's density and suppleness.

There's even daily protection against the sun's rays too.

Visit: Lancôme

  Sun Protection Just Got Cool
Lancome's Juicy Tubes lipsticks has now got an older protective sister by the name of Icy Tubes. The ultra-cool Sun Protection and after Sun range.

Icy Tubes are the first suncare products specifically designed to be refrigerated, so they feel super-cool and icy-fresh on application.

Icy Tubes have mouth-wateringly light textures that melt in immediately and smell delicious. The range includes protective and rehydrating gels and lip gloss.

Price: £18.00 Icy Tubes Ultra-Cooling Sun Protection Gel for Face & Body SPF 8&15
Price: £12.50 Icy Tubes Ultra Shiny Sun Lip Gloss with SPF 15
Price: £18.00 After Sun Ultra-Cooling Rehydrating Gel for Face & Body
Visit: Lancôme
  Drench yourself in Luxury
Marc Jacob's Luxury Body Collection is perfect for the summer months ahead.

Created with delicious ingredients like Jasmine, the Blush Body Collection is beneficial to the skin and leaves a subtle veil of scent that is designed to be worn in harmony with perfume. Blush Marc Jacobs Body Cream (30ml), Blush Marc Jacobs Body Lotion (200ml) and Blush Marc Jacobs Shower Wash (200ml) come in signature nude tone bottles toped with a silver lid.

: £69, £35 and £32 respectively.
Stockist Tel: 0800 652 7661
  Don't suffer any Longer
Calmin, is a sensitive skincare range that consists of a Ultra Mild Cleanser (£10.95 for 200m) and Environmental Protection Cream (£11.95 for 50ml) for suffers of hyper sensitive skin or Rosacea.

Rosacea — a skin condition with symptoms that range from: facial redness to facial swelling and pain — affects more than 7 per cent of the UK's population.

Using formulated ingredients which are naturally anti-inflammatory (like blackcurrant and borage seed oil) and soothing (allantoin) Calmin can be a welcome relief for many sensitive skin sufferers.

Price: £11.95 for 50ml
Visit: Rosacea-Skincare or Tel 01228 514 066



Don't dismiss the scientific descriptions on beauty products as they are crucial if you want to understand how ingredients work and the benefits of them.
Lancôme, has teamed up with (Nobel Winner in Medicine) Professor Ignarro to produce Absolue. An Anti-Dark Spot Serum that uses nitric oxide to combat dark spots — commonly found in women over 50.
Discovering the benefits of nitric oxide (it produces melanin), the serum offers women a more convenient solution to combating dark-spots than dermo abrasion or chemical peel treatments, without the severity.

Price: £40


If you're fed-up of the sight of cellulite on your thighs and the backs of your legs, why not use the beneficial attributes of Vaseline Intensive Care Firming & Nourishing body lotion. The all over body moisturiser both firms and makes skin look smoother due to its collagen and sea minerals.

: £3.99.
Available from pharmacies nation-wide.

Today's on-the-go lifestyles require multi-functioning creams that deliver. To meet these demands, Lancôme has launched Impactive, a triple performance treatment that not only leaves skin silky and moisturised but stimulates the skin's cells.

Price: £30.00.
Visit: Lancôme


Loss of firmness, lines and wrinkles are not the only problems to effect mature skin. Uneven tone either caused by age spots, pigment marks and broken capillaries are other factors that make skin look lacklustre and old. To improve the look of mature skin, Lancaster has produced an anti ageing range called Suractif that has three even-tone variants: Grey Skin Corrector, Delicate and Red Skin Corrector and Age Spot Corrector.

Price: £29.00.
: Lancaster Beauty

Thought you couldn't put a time limit on how fast a cream can improve the look and texture of your skin? L'Oréal has. Visible Results takes eight days to improve the texture of your complexion to soften, freshen and brighten it to leave a surface with less wrinkles and pores that are visibly reduced.

Price: £10.99.
: L'Oréal Paris

If you've got oily skin, you'll know the problems it can cause what with a greasy T-zone and breakouts. Thankfully Simple has produced an Oil Control range that includes Regulating Exfoliator Wash, Pore Purifying Toning Gel, Balancing Cleansing Wipes and Shine Manager Moisturiser.

Price: From £3.99.
Visit: Simple

Lancaster's Monaco suncare range consists of six products that not only ensure optimized protection in the sun but possesses a second line of defence in the form of Radical Protection Factor (RPF) — a multiple combination of botanical extracts and pure substances, each with its own quantified RPF. Choose from Pre-Sun Booster, Fast Tan Optimizer SPF 8, Oil Free Sun Spray SPF 15, Sun Oil Spray SPF 4 and Instant Self Tan Bronzer SF 4 for a more even natural looking tan.

Price: From £15.00.
: Lancaster Beauty




Reclaim the Fresh Skin of your Youth
If your skin is lacking in a glowing, youthful appearance, try Lancaster's Suractif Triple-L Serum. An anti-ageing serum that contains unique concentrates to lift, moisturise and normalise pigmentation.

Available from all leading department stores nationwide. For stockist details call: 0800 192 192.

Prices start from: £19.50.
Visit: Lancaster Beauty


Banish Wrinkles Away
It is no surprise that women residing in both the US and Europe consider wrinkles to be their number one beauty concern. In fact, three out of four women consider it to be their biggest beauty problem. That's why Lancôme has created Résolution.

A facial cream designed to combat ageing, repair harsh external factors like sun exposure and smooth creases caused by incessant facial movement. Available from leading department stores.

Price: £44.00 for 50ml.
Visit: Lancôme





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